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How It Got Started

The Foundation

Writing has been my thing as long as I can remember.  A lover of words, that's me.  The thoughts in my mottled brain somehow smoother and more digestible when written vs spoken.

Crocheting is my "thing" ifyouwill.  My sanctuary.  My ability to disconnect from all that is real life.  And enough talent to make pretty things to make people smile!  I am available to make things for anyone - I prefer to work on a commission type basis.  If there's a pattern, I can make.  Please reach out via the contact section of the home page and let's chat!  I believe you will find my pricing reasonable and would love to make something for you or your loved one!

I'm raising 2 kids and a gaggle of cats, while working a full time in a pandemic - trying to keep my sanity (ha!) and trying to find things that give me grace and settle my soul.

I hope you'll come along for the ride!

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